New Launch Project

Check out our review on new properties in Singapore below. We seek to provide an unbiased analysis of new developments and their investment potential.

Property investment is a huge long-term financial commitment for many, unless you are born rich, of course.

Nevertheless, property investment remains popular as it provides a hedge against inflation while the value of properties usually appreciate over time.

For many Singaporeans buying a property, whether it is a HDB flat, an Executive Condominium (EC) or a private residential property, it will involve taking up a housing loan easily lasting 20-30 years. Hence, picking a property with good investment potential is critical in planning for your retirement in the future.

Many people dream of retiring early, if possible, but not many have sufficient knowledge about property investment and how to grow their assets. Therefore, in our property blog, we seek to provide you with the relevant information. This include updates on the real estate market, analysis of new property launches and recommendation of projects with promising investment potential.

If you are looking to invest in a condominium, you may wish to check out our review on the following four new property launches.
They are: