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Master Plan for Novena. The Coming Health City

With reference to the Novena Master Plan , Health City Novena will have the benefit of the large grouping of medical institutions & hospitals,  and facilities in this region to develop an advanced  integrated Medical Hub. This is to attract both local and foreigners who are seeking world-class medical services and treatments to this one-stop medical location. 

The Novena-Orchard Road areas and Newton in Central Singapore’s Core Central Region (CCR) house the below facilities:

  • Paragon Medical Centre
  • Novena Medical Centre
  • Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Hospital
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
  • Ren Ci Community Hospital
  • Thomson Medical Centre
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital

With the latest Master Plan, healthcare space will be enlarged by a whopping one hundred and fifty percent ( 150%). Approximately 600,000+ sqm of space will be used for educating and healing when it is planned to be completed by the Year 2030. The 17ha integrated development will incorporate 10 facilities, including Tan Tock Seng Hospital and 5 new healthcare facilities which will consist of a new Ambulatory Centre at TTSH in addition to specialist, and intermediate care.

As Singapore is well-known for its high standard of medical care and expertise, it is popular destination for many rich medical tourists from around the region. Capitalising on its strength, the Singapore government is setting up a world-class integrated medical hub called Health City Novena, which is an integral part of its Novena Master Plan.

Integrated with the existing medical centres, healthcare professionals can easily benefit from seamless coordination with clinical expertise, technologies and facilities nearby. The congregation of medical specialists will create an internationally renowned medical brand in the Novena area.

The upcoming integrated medical hub will extend beyond healthcare. It will encompass a complete and holistic eco-system that includes health services, research and education, commercial, leisure and public spaces. There are four key elements to the Novena Master Plan – Care, Continuous Learning & Innovation, Community and Connectivity.

All the facilities will be connected via a network of MRT, pedestrian walkways and shuttle bus services.

Health City Novena will be a model for future healthcare in Singapore and will anchor the Regional Health System to enhance the health of all in Central Singapore and ultimately empower people via a new mode of active and healthy living for everyone.

The plan was first conceptualized in 2010 and has been developed in consultation with stakeholders and the community.

Novena Master Plan – Integration with Community

Under the Novena Master Plan, Health City Novena will not be an insipid place simply for medical treatment and care. It will seek to create a vibrant environment to draw in the public with its distinctive architecture while urban design elements will create a sense of arrival and imbue the area with its own unique identity.

To achieve this, there will be lush open spaces, parks, plazas and pedestrian-friendly boulevards to promote leisure activities, not only for workers but also for families living in the surrounding areas. The boulevards will be sheltered and connected to the MRT station and shops built on either side of it to make the stroll a livelier affair.

In addition, there will be a Central Park which will preserve the proud heritage of Novena. When completed, it will be the project’s largest green space. One of its distinctive features will be its elevated walkway that allows pedestrians to walk close to the canopy of trees, an open-air theatre, playgrounds, gardens and F&B terraces.

Integration with Community

Integration for Continuous Learning & Innovation

The Novena Master Plan will also seek to ensure a closer alignment between the health needs of the population with the skillsets of healthcare professionals. This will be achieved by bringing together Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and institutions within the National Healthcare Group with other stakeholder organisations to work closely with a new medical school and other education and training bodies to develop holistic training curriculum and programmes.

The third medical school will be known as LKCMedicine. It will feature an innovative and modern curriculum where students will learn from world-class experts. These experts will work in teams in a high-tech environment which will provide them the experience to deliver healthcare services from beginning to end.

Continuous Learning and Innovation

There are also plans for two more buildings for learning and innovation – Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s medical education and training building, as well as a future health sciences school. The aim is to create synergies among different groups of healthcare professionals and allow them to constantly upgrade their skills while integrating clinical training so that multi-disciplinary care teams can be more adept and effective.

In addition, it also seeks to empower the community by providing caregiver training within these new buildings.

When the Novena Master Plan is realised by 2030, it will not only improve Singapore’s healthcare standards, but also underpinned it as a world-class medical hub for research, treatment and medical care. The congregation of medical specialists will hence create an internationally renowned medical brand in and around the area.

This will draw medical tourists and business travellers from across the region. And with a growing population of well-heeled city residents in proximity, surrounded by supporting offices, medical facilities, schools and hotels, the Newton/Novena area will grow in stature as a coveted address.

In addition, the development of Health City Novena will spur employment opportunities. This is expected to increase the demand for housing, which will lift property values. Hence, new property launches such as Kopar At Newton , The Atelier and Perfect Ten , as well as Midtown Modern , which are one and four MRT stations will provide an opportunity for astute investors to seize the first-mover advantage.

Kopar At Newton

Midtown Modern