Before looking into your property purchase or purchasing a property for investment, there are certain property regulations one may need to be aware of. Especially for first time buyers as the tons of regulations and rules can be confusing sometimes.

For most Singaporeans, HDB flats are usually the first property, especially subsidized flats like BTOs and Executive Condominium thanks to the government grants for first-time buyers. It is also the most affordable property one can get especially for the young couples whom are looking for their first matrimonial property purchase.

For foreigners whom are keen in buying a property in Singapore, there are certain restrictions on the type of properties they can buy. More of this can be found in “Property Rules and Regulations for Foreigners“.

Besides the property rules and regulations, buyers must also be reminded of the various stamp duties payable when purchasing a residential property. It applies to all private properties and HDB flats. More information can be found at “How to calculate Property Stamp Duty – BSD, ABSD And SSD?“.

If the above seems  all too confusing for you, fret not, you may contact us and we are happy to assist you.

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